Bad Hand

We have been doing a lot of AD&D delves with recurring characters, but no real story line. In the last game, Minotaur's Maze, I gave them a Deck of Many Things and as a result, one character was killed, another got a castle and a third, the bard Jables, vanished when he drew the Imprisonment card. So we're going to do a short campaign about getting the castle and searching for Jables to rescue him. But they don't know where he is. Where does the campaign name come from? The Deck of Many Things dealt them a bad hand…

Players and Characters
MC- Human Fighter Sya
Michael- Human Cleric Gyles
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
Lee- Half-Elf Druid Darwin
Callum- Half-Elf Ranger KG
NPC- Human Fighter Symond

Previous Adventures
Gnoll Necromancer
Prisoner Rescue
Hunting Liartians
Valley of Betrayal
Basilisk Cure
Dwarven Gold
Minotaur's Maze

Campaign Adventures
Sea of Worlds
Troubles on the Road
One Man's Castle
Astral Rescue

New Magic Items
Lion's Fang Sword
Black Tooth Sword
Staff of Tempest
Guardian Shield
The Deathblade
Wings of Flying
Shoes of Travelling
Medallion of Malog
Leather Armor of Camouflage
Horn of Fog
Blinding Scimitar
Shrieking Staff
Braggart's Bow
Wand of Ball Lightning
Mace of Crushing
Iron Crown
Bandanna of Blending
Splint Mail of Cold Resistance
Gorgon's Bow