Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock

The Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock is considered the most advanced conventional rifle made in the 'Verse. It uses a dynamic configurable chamber to accept ammunition of different types and the magazines are made with interchangeable inserts to handle the multiple types. It can take 12 gauge shotgun, 12 gauge magnum shotgun or the custom ammunition made for the rifle. Shotgun slugs and the custom ammo may be fired without replacing the barrel, but shot rounds are not recommended due to damage to the barrel rifling. However, custom barrels and accessories are available, a smooth bore barrel for shot rounds is 20 credits (use shotgun stats for range with shot. Magnum shotgun damage is d8 x2, d8/d8, d6/d6/d6)

Newtech (x4) Assault Rifle. Damage Varies, Range Varies, RoF 2/20, magazine 12. 200 credits
It can fire single shot or full automatic. Full auto fire requires the shooter to use Strength instead of Agility for to hit rolls due to the high recoil.

Ammunition type Damage Range
Shotgun slug d10W 50 feet
Magnum slug d12W 75 feet
Custom d12W 150 feet