Astral Rescue

After clearing KG's castle of undead, they begin the process of cleaning it up and getting it back in order. Darwin leaves to practice and train and returns to the castle later. He has been able to use a new prayer, and has located Jables, the party's missing bard! Jables is being held prisoner in a cell in a fortress in the Astral Plane. Gyles has the Plane Shift prayer, which will allow them to travel to the Astral Plane. The party heads south to Fin Panir to do some research and stock up on supplies. Gyles questions a wizard and learns the people holding Jables prisoner are probably Githyanki and also learns some of the conditions of the Astral Plane. Once they are ready, Gyles takes them to the Astral Plane. They appear in front of a shimmering silver circle. Darwin casts Seek again and they begin moving in the direction of Jables. Some of the party have trouble adjusting to moving in the Astral Plane.
About 24 hours after entering the plane, it begins to darken and the background ripples become agitated. A wind seems to blow against them pushing them off course, pushing them farther away. When it begins to diminish, they see what appears to be a whirlwind or vortex, floating nearby is a ball of water about two hundred yards across. They decide not to approach and return to their travels towards Jables. The next day they spot a shimmering yellow circle about 20 feet across, they believe it may be a portal. Sya approaches it and it clears to show a pleasant woodland scene. But as they observe it, the realize something is a little odd. The grass is all the same height and width and seems to grow in rows. The trees all have the same number of branches and their leaves are the same as well. Disturbed by the unnatural symmetry, they pull back and continue.
They finally spot their destination. It is a vaguely potato shaped rock about four hundred feet long and maybe half that in width. A pair of large circular doors are at one end and four towers topped by glass domes protrude from it. Darwin casts Pixie Dust to make everyone invisible, then uses the Shrieking Staff to go into Wraithform and enters the fortress. He finds it staffed by githyanki and finds Jables' cell. He returns to the party and describes what he saw. They decide to enter, cause a distraction and rescue Jables and escape. They return to the doors and pull them open enough to slip inside. The first chamber is a spherical hangar holding a pair of what appear to be flying boats. But the next doors are locked. There are guards in the hallway beyond. They set fire to one of the boats as a distraction, eventually the smoke spreads and the guards open the doors. They sound the alarm and one flees for help and the other moves one of the flying boats away. Three githyanki warriors come from a nearby room and one of them spots the invisible party. The party attacks and kills the first guard and the three warriors. The second guard returns with two mage githyanki and KG kills them with two Fire Arrows from his Braggart's Bow. Darwin decides they may need more help, so he casts Conjure Fire Elemental and a large elemental appears. Gyles passes out some potions and healing spells. Darwin asks the elemental to clear their way and they head off to rescue Jables with the elemental in the lead.
When the elemental breaks through the next set of doors, they find the base's garrison has rallied. Twenty-one githyanki soldiers, mages and officers are waiting. The parties attack. The enemy mages pound the elemental with Magic Missile spells and the enemy leader hits it with a Lightning Bolt and it charges into their midst. Gyles casts Hold Person and gets the enemy leader and some mages. Darwin uses his Shrieking Staff, KG and Sya volley arrows and Negral goes hand to hand with the Mace of Crushing. The githyanki close and surround them, with several attacking each party member. One of the githyanki officers drinks a Potion of Speed and starts firing four arrows per round at KG and Sya. Gyles warns Darwin he is about to cast Holy Smite. Darwin uses his Bandanna of Blending to look like a githyanki and gets out of the way. Gyles prayer slays all the low level fighters on them, the party splits up to handle the last few sergeants and officers. Negral fights tthe officer who draws Jables' old sword, Deathblade. They capture the last paralyzed officer and strip the dead, but leave any of the githyanki's famous silver swords. Moving deeper into the fortress, they are ambushed by another officer and 12 more grunts. This battle goes much quicker and they move on. They find a temple and Gyles destroys the altar with holy water and flaming oil. They reach the prison area and find three cells are closed with a magic wall, Gyles uses Dispel Magic. Unfortunately, it opens all the cells and the other two prisoners, a mind flayer and night hag are also released. Jables is free and sees his old friends under attack and begins singing a battle song to help. Gyles uses Plane Shift to get rid of the night hag. The mind flayer Psionic Blasts them, then uses Domination to try to force Darwin to attack the party. Then it uses Domination on KG and he fires a Fire Arrow in Gyles' back, wounding everyone.
Negral and Sya slay the mind flayer and Darwin intoduces himself to Jables and returns Deathblade to him. With his last remaining power, Gyles casts Plane Shift again and everyone returns home.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Darwin casts Seek and receives a vision of Jables' location
Lee "I saw Jables and the good news is he's writing new music!"

Mike "My bard instrument will be the didgeridoo, or a triangle. No, a cowbell!"

Lee uses the Bandanna of Blending
Mike "Bandanna of Blending?"
Lee "I make great smoothies. With holly berries"

The captured githyanki officer was wearing Jables' old Cloak of Protection
Michael "I slowly undress him"
The rest of the party wasn't listening, they just heard Michael's comment "What?!"

Fighting the mind flayer, someone said "Why not Zoidberg?"