Assets and Complications Updates

From the apparently defunct Waves in the Black forum

Lightnin’ Reflexes [Minor/Major] (New Version)
You react to danger quickly. Folk rarely get the drop
on you, and your quick-draw leaves others groping
for their holster.
Benefit: As a Minor Trait, you get +2 Attribute Step
bonus on your Agility on all Initiative, Get out of
Harm’s Way, basic defense, and Athletics/Dodge
rolls (the GM may declare other rolls eligible). As a
Major Trait, any Plot Points spent on rolls you would
receive this bonus on count as if you had spent 2
additional Plot Points
Note: This replaces Lightnin’ Reflexes as listed in the
Core Book, and brings the bonus scheme more in
line with other Core Book Assets.

Mean Left Hook [Minor/Major] (New Version)
You pack a mean wallop!
Benefit: As a Minor Asset, your unarmed attacks deal
Basic damage (divided between Stun and Wounds)
instead of Stun. As a Major Asset, you also add a die
of Basic damage to your hits based on your Strength
(and ONLY your Strength! No other Attributes may
substitute). The bonus die is equal to your Strength
die with a -3 Step penalty, with a minimum of d2.
Note: This replaces the Mean Left Hook Asset as
listed in the Core Book.

Talented [Minor/Major] (New Version)
You have a knack for something.
Benefit: Choose a General Skill/Specialty
combination. As a Minor Trait, whenever making a
roll that would fall under the heading of that
Specialty (even if you don’t have it yet), you get a +2
Skill Step bonus. As a Major Trait, you also get more
for you Plot Points on the Specialty: whenever you
spend PP on a roll that you gain the Step bonus on,
you count it as if you spent an additional 2 PP (1 PP
gets you a d6 instead of a d2, 2 get you a d8 instead
of a d4, etc).
Note: This replaces Talented as listed in the Core
Book, and brings its bonus scheme more in line with
other Core Book Assets, but still stacks with bonuses
from Born behind the Wheel, Allure, etc.

Tough as Nails [Minor/Major] (New Version)
You’re tougher than you look; you can take a beating
and stay in the fight longer than anyone would
Benefit: Every time you take Stun damage, the
amount you take is reduced by 2 points. As a Major
Trait, whenever you spend Plot Points to reduce
damage, they count as if you had spent 2 additional
Note: This replaces the Tough as Nails Asset as listed
in the Core Book.


Stoic (minor Complication)- The character communicates in grunts, shrugs and a few words and shows as little emotion as possible. It gives them a 2 step penalty on Influence rolls involving conversation.