The Britannia departs Liann Jiun with a cargo of processed hydrocarbons and live chickens bound for Silverhold in Red Sun. With the information Ruan gained from one of the survivors of the Folsom, they hope to find out what happened to the missing crew and P.O.W.s. that were delivered to Aesir. However, two days out, Ronnie gets an anonymous message on the cortex, simply "Check your dropbox". He goes to the secret account he has set up and there is a message from Baron, his trusted associate in the Blood-Sworn assassins' guild. The message says that Quintus, the guild's armsmaster is travelling to Londinium by way of Persephone and will arrive at the Nemecek Docks in three days for a layover before catching a regularly scheduled passenger liner to Londinium. The message also gives the location of his hotel, but not the alias he is travelling under.
Ronnie goes to Captain Windsor and explains what is happening. Windsor is willing to divert, but they have cargo bound for Silverhold. Windsor proposes they hard burn to the Corone skyplex and transfer the cargo to another ship, then hard burn back to Persephone. Ronnie agrees to make up any costs. Windsor begins reaching out to other ships and captains while Cid plots a new course to the skyplex and gets them underway. They are able to find another ship and Ronnie pays the cargo transfer fees and a bonus to the other ship. They then turn and hard burn back to Persephone. Silas and Naomi keep the ship running on the strenuous trip, Ruan is busy with his bonsai.

A Dangerous Man
Ronnie takes the rest of the crew into his confidence and they plan, plan, over-plan, re-plan and plan some more on the way to Persephone. They take Windsor's old Alliance ID and use it as the basis for a forged police ID. Windsor presents himself to the hotel management and explains he is pursuing a wanted criminal who may have checked in and enlists their assistance and gets access to hotel guest records. By coincidence, he is on the same floor as their room! (GM's note: I rolled 2 dice for what floor the bad guy was on, then rolled the same dice again and got the exact same rolls on each die). Windsor and the team begin the capture with Naomi on a roof nearby with her railgun and Ronnie going outside to come in through Quintus' window. Ruan is on point with one of Ronnie's hologram decoy grenades loaded with an image of Ronnie greeting Quintus and sleep toxin on his bullets. Windsor, Silas, Cid and the hotel's security chief are back up. Ruan knocks on the door and Quintus opens it when he sees the image of Ronnie. He fires a strange pistol like weapon at the image; a small crossbow bolt hits the opposite wall. Ruan fires at his leg, trying to wound him, but Quintus is quick and has body armor and is barely hurt and the sleep toxin is slow to work. Ruan misses his second shot, but Quintus nails him with a dart from his hand crossbow and Ruan goes down with poison from the dart trying to stop his heart. As he passes out, Ruan Reads Quintus and learns the truth. With Ruan out, Silas shoots Quintus with his rifle, wounding him lightly. Cid fires two shots and hits Quintus hard both times, the sleep toxin is beginning to work also. Windsor line drives Quintus with his cricket ball and knocks him out.
Unfortunately, Ruan is their best medic and he's dying. Ronnie comes in through the window and stabilizes Ruan, then turns to the injured Quintus. Ronnie just can't get him stable and Quintus continues to bleed out. The hotel security chief pitches in and saves Quintus' life. They secure Quintus, grab all of his luggage and gear as "evidence".
Meanwhile, Naomi returns to the ship and flies one of the shuttles in to pick up the team. Since she hasn't completed training, she racks up some traffic fines. The team flies off on the shuttle, leaving the hotel management to clean up what they think was a sanctioned Alliance operation.

Recovery and Interrogation
They decide to get off Persephone and find someplace private to question Quintus and they fly to Dyton and land in the Outback, 500 miles from the nearest town. Ruan has awakened but is still ill, he needs professional medical attention. But who can they go to? Niska is suggested, but he is at least four days away. Ruan calls his friend Go Dao, a member of the tong on Gonghe. Dao puts him in contact with Dr. Selina Kao, a Fish doctor on Gonghe. Ronnie and Cid take Quintus and one of the shuttles and stay behind on Dyton. Before they leave, Ruan tells Ronnie what he read from Quintus during the fight. The ship flies to Gonghe and the captain pays for Ruan's off the books medical treatment. They decide that they need to get back on the trail of the Folsom, Captain Windsor picks up a cargo on Gonghe headed for New Melbourne and makes a detour to Dyton to pick up Ronnie and Cid.
Once Quintus wakes up, Ronnie questions him armed with the truth Ruan learned. Ronnie's classmate Titus is behind the conspiracy. They have been selling guild secrets and training to the Alliance, Quintus has trained the instructors at the Academy who trained the kids like Ruan, but he doesn't know that, they thought the trainees were Special Forces drill instructors. Titus killed Ronnie's wife and the old guild master because the guild master was on to them. Unfortunately, the guild master turned to Quintus for help investigating the traitors. Now Ronnie knows who is behind his wife's murder and his framing for the guild master's death. Angered at Quintus' crimes and his assistance to the Alliance, Cid kills him. They leave his body to rot in the desert and take off to wait for the Britannia. They examine his items and Windsor asks for Quintus' body armor, since he has no need of it any longer.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim is describing the self-contained, automatic feeder livestock containers of live chickens the ship is hauling
Lee "Sccuuuccccaaa" making it sound like SCUBA

The ship is hauling a cargo of hydrocarbons and another of live chickens
Raleigh "Wait…tar and feathers?"

Matt "Remember when you said we were all crew together?"
Lee "Vaguely"
Emily "He was drunk when he said it"

Matt "The man we're going to meet is the man who trained me"
Emily "That shouldn't be too bad" since Ruan beat Ronnie easily in sparring.
General laughter…

Raleigh "My railgun will penetrate 4 armor"
Emily "Sounds like someone holding a sign: 'Will penetrate for armor'."

During the over planning phase
Raleigh "We build a giant, wooden badger"

Lee "Safety first when performing an assassination"

Describing the butch fish doctor Ruan went to, we ended up with russian stripper jokes
Matt "You throw money at me, I take clothes off for you"

Jim was telling Emily everything Ruan learned from Reading Quintus, she was disappointed not to learn it secretly so she could repeat it more dramatically.
Matt "Dramatize me"

Jim was telling Emily Ruan would make a complete recovery from being poisoned
Lee "Except you can no longer say the letter Q"