Assassin Strike

Honest Work
After the job for Niska, Captain Windsor decides to find some honest work and get away from the Georgia system for a while. They load a cargo of high tech parts bound for Liann Jiun and depart Boros. The trip is quiet and uneventful except that Ruan is uncharacteristically grouchy and surly all the time now. Sarah tries to cheer him up with a cookie she had been saving. Naomi is tinkering with something… On Liann Jiun, they offload with no problems. Cid, Silas and Ruan take a shuttle and hop across to Santo to visit Silas' gunsmith contact who has a Callahan Auto lock for Cid. Cid gets his gun and some ammo, Ruan gets a replacement "envelope" for his pistol and Silas orders a custom stock for his rifle and gets an envelope as well. Naomi goes to her licensing test for pilot and squeaks through, earning a limited license. She can fly shuttles and non-pulse drive vessels under 1,000 tons and fly larger vessels under supervision. She can apply for her pilot's license in six months. Ronnie lays low aboard ship since the assassin's guild is based on Santo, a short distance away. Once everyone returns, they load two cargoes of grain and polymers bound for New Melbourne and depart.

Calls, calls, calls
On the way to New Melbourne, the captain gets a call from Shen Esposito. He has a job for them whenever they can make it to Angel. The captain explains they are on their way to Red Sun, but will come by when they return. Shen is okay with that, he says the job isn't really time critical. On New Melbourne, the captain gives everyone a few days leave to enjoy the warm weather and beaches. The local shippers, remembering the crew's appearance in the news over the slave rescue is happy to give them work and they get a large cargo of frozen fish bound for Gonghe. On the way there, Ronnie receives a coded message from Baron, his contact inside the assassins' guild, telling him to talk to his teacher, Samuel Campbell on Boros. A couple days later, Campbell calls Ronnie and tells him he got a large data delivery from Baron and they need to meet as soon as possible. Ronnie asks the captain to go back to Boros instead of Angel as planned, and the captain agrees.

Open your mouth and say 'aahhh'"
When the Britannia lands on Gonghe, they are visited by a couple of port officials. They are quarantining the crew and insist on a brief medical exam of all crew and passengers, the ship is landlocked and they are restricted to stay aboard until the blood tests clear. Ruan Reads the inspectors, they are on the up and up, but that doesn't mean they aren't being used by someone else as tools…
That night, the crew is relaxing during their enforced stay. Ronnie is working out in the cargo bay, Windsor, Cid, Silas and Ruan are drinking in the lounge. Ronnie hears a clank on the side of the ship, then Windsor and Cid think they hear the dorsal airlock hatch open. Ronnie starts to head upstairs, everyone else grabs weapons. Naomi checks the ship's status boards, all the airlocks show closed. Windsor makes an announcement on the PA while they cover the forward airlock. Then they hear something on the roof, heading towards the aft dorsal airlock. Silas goes to cover that airlock and Ruan heads downstairs to the shuttles. The inner hatch on the forward airlock opens and Cid fires a three round burst from his Autolock into the opening as suppressive fire and the attackers drop a flashbang grenade in response. Windsor, Cid and Ronnie all dodge out of the way. Ruan gets to the starboard shuttle and goes through it to the outside and comes out on the wing looking for attackers. Two attackers carrying swords and wearing the same armor as Ronnie have come through the aft hatch and Silas shoots one. Another with a bow comes through the forward hatch. Windsor and Cid shoot, but Cid is struck with a poisoned arrow and goes down. Silas mounts a bayonet on his rifle and stabs the first attacker, then pulls the trigger and shoots through him and hits the second attacker with the same bullet. Ruan climbs up the hull and looks down at the second attacker in the forward airlock and shoots him, the attacker flings a throwing star at him and misses. Naomi comes up from engineering but can't see what is going on from the flashbang's smoke. Ronnie charges in with his sword and Windsor, Ronnie and Ruan gang up on the attackers and Ruan Reads the second attacker just as he is killed. Ronnie is wounded with a serious sword slash. Silas' second attacker slashes him with a sword but Naomi runs up and slaps a piece of welding tape on the attacker, pulls the igniter tab and burns him to death. Ruan tends to everyone's wounds and gets them stable, but Cid is seriously wounded. They wait for a follow up attack or questions from port officials, but all is quiet. They call the local Fish doctor they had dealt with before, she agrees to make a house call to check on Cid and recognizes its the same poison that Ruan was hit with before. She treats Cid and leaves after collecting a hefty fee. The crew really wants to get offworld, so Ronnie contacts the port duty officer and bribes him to clear their restriction and they depart Gonghe. They search the assassin's bodies and collect their weapons and equipment. One of them has a packet of heroin, Ruan saw that was intended to be left behind, suggesting the crew was killed in a drug deal. They space the bodies and conceal the gear and Ruan puts the heroin in the medical supplies.
Silas and Naomi fix the damage to the ship's airlocks, but are concerned that the assassins were able to override the alarms. They decide to install redundant sensors to tell them if the airlocks are being used.
Ruan is still mighty grumpy, the crew thought a chance to fight would settle him down, but he's still grouchy. He decides to try some of the heroin as a sleep aid and he mixes a pinch with water and it does help. Captain Windsor talks to Naomi about talking to Ruan to see if she can find out what's bothering him. Since no one was really trying to soothe Naomi after the reaver attack in Blue Sun, she gets huffy with the captain and storms off. But she does go to talk to Ruan. Ruan admits he's having trouble sleeping, Reading Niska's memories of tortures is causing him to have nightmares about being tortured, but they're not dreams, he thinks they are memories of his training. He admits he did get some sleep from the heroin. Naomi is very interested in trying the heroin herself, but Ruan doesn't want her to, so he goes to the captain and they space the drugs.

On Boros, Ronnie goes to see Campbell. Silas and Naomi go to get parts for their airlock security project. Campbell tells him that Baron is dead, he sent out a data packet he had uncovered proving who the traitors are in the guild and their connection to the Alliance. Campbell tells Ronnie his guild name is Angelus, he is a retired Blood Angel with over 200 kills. He has been keeping an eye on Ronnie because he knew there were problems in the guild. He reveals that there is a secret council of retired Blood Angels, they act to protect the guild's integrity. He leaves and comes back with three more retirees and explains that they are going to purge the guild. He asks Ronnie to go back to the ship and hire the Britannia to take them to Santo, then have them fly the party in secretly in a shuttle. He offers 1,000 credits.
Ronnie returns to the ship and explains what's going on and offers an extra thousand credits of his own. Windsor agrees and Campbell and three of his partners board the ship and they head for Santo. Things are tense aboard ship with another batch of admitted assassins on board. Some of the crew think they are potential hijackers, Ruan is scornful of a bunch of old men who won't use guns.
Arriving on Santo, the ship lands at a small port, then Windsor takes a shuttle to fly the assassins in. Naomi wants to fly herself, but Windsor agrees to let her come as copilot and he shows her some real combat flying. He brings the shuttle in stealthily to a small village near the guild headquarters. Campbell leads Ronnie and the assassins to a locked up vacation cottage and through multiple high tech security doors and into a tunnel that comes up inside the guild's conference chamber. He and the other assassins access the guild's computers and enter their override codes and summon the guild members. The guild members arrive in confusion then the new guild master, Galius, who murdered his predecessor and Ronnie's wife and blamed him for it comes in with his fellow conspirators. Campbell and his fellows upload the data and order the arrest and executions of the conspirators. Ronnie is offered Galius' life and they duel. Galius almost kills Ronnie, but he finally gets in two good hits and kills Galius. Campbell orders the other traitors to be taken away and announces current contracts are on hold and orders contracts against the Alliance officials the traitors have been dealing with to cut the connection and try to recover their secrecy. Campbell calls the shuttle and tells them everything is okay, they should go back to the ship and he will be in contact. Ronnie is treated by the guild's doctors.

Once he is on his feet, Campbell offers Ronnie the position of guild master. Ronnie declines, he wants to retire like he planned and raise Sarah. Campbell offers him a job as a piano player in his nightclub on Boros. Ronnie returns to the ship to get Sarah and they have a goodbye party. Ronnie leaves Cid his sword, Silas his grav pallet and Naomi his secured scanner resistant locker. He gives Ruan the data from the guild records. He tells him that a lot of those people are marked for death, but maybe the rest of the data can help.

This is the end of the second "season" of "Lost Sheep". More to come! Matt will return with a new character

Quotes and Smart Remarks
We were having chips and cheese dip and Emily kept breaking off chips in the dip
Jim "You botched eating chips"

Talking about their pay from the last job for Niska
Kevin "Niska's money is soaked in the tears of orphans"
Lee "Sweet, delicious orphans"
Jim "What is this, Serenity against Humanity?"

Talking about Michael missed the game because his wife was in labor for their first child, Solomon Thomas
Matt "Cid's having a baby"
Lee "Cid's got a baby in every port"

Reading the description of Santo
Emily "Oh my God, its Niagara Falls

Jim "Make some rolls"
Matt "Dinner, cinnamon, lobster…"

They are hauling a cargo of frozen fish
Raleigh "Cold fish, just like the captain's last relationship"

Lee "You can pout in your cabin"

Emily "I'm cleaning my guns messily"
Raleigh "With chocolate?"
He thought she said "Nestle"

Assassins attack the ship while Ronnie is practicing swordplay in the cargo bay
Lee "Come up with no shirt on, you can blind them with your sexiness"

Naomi is checking the ship status boards to see which airlock the attackers are entering
Jim "The hatches show closed"
Lee "They're not ghosts, they wouldn't make noise"
Jim "Maybe they're clanking their chains"
Lee "Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, this is our Christmas episode!"

Jim "Two assassins walk into a bar…"
Matt "Everyone dies"

The captain is trying to get Naomi to talk to Ruan to cheer him up, but Naomi is still ticked at the captain over the reaver incident
Emily "This is like Fatherhood, the Role Playing Game"

After the bit with the heroin
Jim "Silas and Naomi return with their score of spare parts"
Emily "Score"
Jim "Poor word choice"

Matt "They're not psychopaths, they're assassins. One's a mental illness, the other's a job"

Ruan is scornful of the retired assassins
Emily "They're all kind of old and slow and don't use guns"
Emily "I'm going to show them the position I'd like them to be in"
Lee "That's what she said"

Kevin "What they've done is bake their swords into french bread"