Aruna class Martian Light Freighter

1800 ton Aruna class Martian Light Freighter
Length- 60 meters
Agility d6 Strength d6 Vitality d6 Alertness d4 Intelligence d4 Willpower d6
Skills- Pilot d4, Sensors d4
Hull, Controls, Reactor and 6G max Epstein drive- 522
4 crew, 4 passengers (8 tons per)- 72
Fuel- 156 (30 days at 1G)
Cargo- 1192
2 8 place lifeboats
Small Sickbay-6
Expert Medical System (m)
Seen Better Days (m)
Complexity: 34, Average x1.0
Cost: 55,846cr new, 13,962cr used
Maintenance: 450cr monthly

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The Aruna class freighters are an older Martian vessel, since replaced by the Scylla class. They are a basic freighter, their only standout feature is a better than average thrust rating. She is a standard tail landing design, her bottom decks are composed of her engineering (reactor and drive) spaces. Above that are her cargo decks and then at the top, her two accommodations decks, including the bridge and two lifeboats. A lift runs down her port side and an access ladder runs down the starboard side.

Crew Deck- The highest occupied deck, containing the bridge, crew quarters, and sickbay. The bridge has control stations for a flight engineer, pilot and co-pilot. Flanking the ladder accessway are two equipment lockers. The ladder accessway here is a simple motorized hatch instead of retracting pocket doors like most of the ship's airtight doors. The accessway actually extends above the Crew Deck to give access to the ship's avionics and has an airlock at the top. The captain's cabin has a small safe and a locked cabinet for the ship's armory. There is a community head with toilet, shower and sink. The ship's two lifeboats are mounted vertically; there is an access hatch to each lifeboat on both the Crew Deck and the Passenger Deck.

Passenger Deck- The Passenger Deck is below the Crew Deck and above the Cargo Deck. There are four passenger staterooms, a community head with toilet, shower and sink. The Galley is located on this deck and is used by both crew and passengers. The main airlock and docking hatch is on this deck on the starboard side. The main spacesuit lockers are here, as well as other equipment storage. Food storage is off the Galley. Two hatches give access to the lower decks of the two lifeboats.

Cargo Deck- The Cargo Deck is over twenty meters tall, with a large airtight hatch on the ship's ventral surface, the hatch is five meters wide and tall. There are hatches to the ladder accessway and lift.

Reactor Deck- The reactor deck is a single oversized compartment, ten meters high and mostly occupied by the bulk of the ship's fusion reactor. Catwalks give access to the upper portions of the reactor core and equipment mounted on and in the walls of the Reactor Deck. There are two engineering stations on the port bulkhead and an airlock and equipment locker on the starboard side. That airlock allows the engineer access to the external hull and is usually used for fuel pellet deliveries.

Drive Deck- The Drive Deck is the lowest accessible deck in the ship. Four Epstein drive units take up most of the space in this compartment, which is also ten meters tall. There are two engineering stations back to back in the center of the deck and an airlock and equipment locker on the starboard bulkhead like the Reactor Deck above. The two engineering level airlocks allow for an emergency evacuation without someone in engineering having to go all the way up to the accommodation decks. Retractable landing gear is built into the bulkheads of the Drive Deck. Since the main airlock is on the passenger deck, a retractable ladder deploys from the hull below the airlock on this deck in the extremely rare case that the ship makes a surface landing outside of a port facility.