Archibald's Secret

Archibald Ulysses Finx is not his real name, but most of his personal history is true. His Real name is Archibald Franklin Halcon.
What he has left out is that he and his brother owned a successful manufacturing company, Halcon Industries, nothing to the scale of the Blue sun Corporation, but a decently sized and successful company none the less. Archibald had a wife, Penny and a daughter, Rose. Penny died in a tragic shuttle accident that didn't look like an accident and Archibald was accused of the crime. Archibald was forced to liquidate most of his current assets (cash, home, etc) to fund his legal defense. His brother is now the de-facto CEO, he took control of the company and became guardian of Archibald's daughter Rose.

Archibald still retains shares of his company, but when his wife died, all her shares went into a untouchable trust until Rose's 18th birthday as stated in both of their wills.

Archibald is greedy because he needs every credit he can get. He is sending money to a few different people to try and get to the bottom of the "accident" and expose the truth of what happened. He believes his brother is the one who was responsible for the death of Penny, and is determined to expose the truth.