(Played by Lorne)
Archibald Ulysses Finx was born to a well off family on Persephone. Growing up he wanted for nothing, he got the best clothes, teachers. On birthdays, you name it and Archibald got it. He was the pride of his parents.

Until his 10th year of school, Archibald was far shorter than everyone else in class, even the shortest kid, had at least 6 inches on him. This extreme caused many kids to tease him and Archibald started getting into a lot of fights. Archibald's parents did what they could to keep him out of trouble, but it was obvious now something was up. They took him to the best doctors they could find and when those doctors couldn't do anything, they took them to some doctors who weren't so good. Several experimental and questionable treatments later, Archibald reached 4 foot 4 inches. His father could no longer take the embarrassment and when they conceived another child, they sent Archibald to live with his uncle, the proprietor of the Tien-Lung skyplex.

Lennon usually calls Finx "Stu", a reference to the fifth Beatle, because Finx was the fifth partner in the ship after Capt'n Sata, Lennon, Wilks and Jackson.

After June 2518, Howard bought out Finx's shares and Finx is settling on Ariel to pursue his goals and will serve as the Yellow Submarine's broker.

Archibald's Secret
Finx's Contacts

Archibald Finx

Age:44 Description: Trader
Homeworld: Persephone

Agility d8
Strength d6
Vitality d6
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Willpower d8

Influence d6
- Marketing d12+d2
- Persuasion d10
- Streetwise d8
- Broker d10
- Bureaucracy d10
Knowledge d6
- Appraisal d8
- Shipping Companies d10
- Interplanetary Trade d12
Linguist d6
- Russian d8
- Hindi d8
Perception d6
- Intuition d10
Guns d6
- Pistol d10
- Shotgun d10
Unarmed Combat d6
- Brawling d8

Friends in High places (m)

Chip on the Shoulder (m)
Greedy (m)
Memorable (m)
Little Person (m)