Archangel class Gunboat

Archangel Class Gunboat (Pre-war Georgian System Patrol)
500 Tons
Str d4 Agi d8 Vit d8 Int d6 Ale d8 Wil d8 Lifepoints: 12
Pilot d4 Covert d6/Stealth d8, Perception d4
Speed Class: 6 Hard Burn: 10
Fuel: 400 hours at SC6
Armor: 2W
Crew: 6 (pilot, copilot/sensors, 3 gunners, engineer)
Troops: None
Gear: 1 20 ton short range shuttle
Armament: 1 Medium Cannon (d6), 2 defensive Autocannons (d6 vehicle), 2 1 ton missile launchers
Ammunition: 180 cannon rounds, 1,530 autocannon rounds, 30 1 ton medium range missiles (d8)
Cargo: 29
Complexity 46 (Very High)
Fast Throttle (M)
Covert (M)
Born to the Black (M)
Many Hands (M)
Cost: 126,500cr plus shuttle
Maintenance: 2,400cr/year

The Archangel was a prewar design of questionable value, it was essentially a space version of an old wet navy torpedo boat: a small, fast craft with heavy weapons. However, the Archangels were also fitted with considerable stealth gear, allowing them to lurk or approach their targets and attack with surprise. While a useful vessel in a war setting, during the pre-Unification War days it was an unneeded expense on a patrol ship. They were very successful commerce raiders during the war and also excellent convoy defense ships. Many Alliance patrols lost their ships and lives when they closed in on a group of "undefended" transports. Note that her range is rather short, however as a local defense ship originally intended to patrol one system, it is adequate. During the war, they sometimes were required to refuel underway from the transports they escorted.
Not all of the ships were accounted for after the war. Apparently the Georgian System Patrol may have falsified loss records before turning them over to the Alliance. Several ships were built during the war and those records concealed. Known class names include Michael, Azrael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ridwan, Uriel.

Many Hands Complication: Due to advanced or complex equipment, the ship's crew requirements are increased. Minor is +25%, Major is +50% and ALWAYS round fractions up for either level.