Aphrodite Campaign

(In the RPG book, Athens is the world that was the Alliance supporter on the Rim. But Athens has four habitable moons, so I made Athens a gas giant and transferred Athen's description to a new world, Aphrodite, which is near Hera).

Aphrodite was the only major Rim world to support Unification. Its location in orbit around the companion star Murphy put it close to the major Independent worlds of Hera and Shadow. On May 17th, 2506, Independent Forces took control of Aphrodite. Now, while the majority of Aphrodite's population supported Unification, it was not a huge majority. Independence supporters were common and the takeover was relatively peaceful. That's not to say there wasn't fighting and a fair number of incidents. Some towns resembled Belfast of Earth-That-Was as locals had gunfights and bombings in the streets.

The Alliance sent an invasion force to Aphrodite in November of 2508. The planet was occupied and government control returned to pro-Unification politicians who joined the Alliance on December 22nd, 2508. Guerrilla and street attacks by Independence supporters went through the roof and in February of 2509, the Independents attacked, defeating the Alliance orbital patrol, bombing garrisons and landing troops to retake control of the planet. Browncoat forces finally regained control following the defeat of the last Alliance holdouts in Kashmir.

Aphrodite was key to Alliance plans to conquer the Georgia system. It would provide a forward base for the reduction of Boros, Shadow and Hera. So, the Alliance re-invaded in August of 2509. It was a very long, drawn out campaign lasting into early 2510. This time, the Alliance forces were repelled with heavy losses on both sides. Browncoat units raised on Shadow were prominent in the defense, especially in the final battle at Du-Khang. Independent forces were rotated out after the planet was reclaimed, battle weary troops were transferred to Hera and fresh troops sent to replace them.

This forced a reconsideration of Alliance plans. While the Core Worlds had much higher populations to draw upon, too many troops had been lost already and more troops would be lost conquering Aphrodite before moving on to other worlds. The Alliance decided instead to reduce Aphrodite and orbital bombardment began on April 18th, 2510. The population was given six hours to clear out before the attack began. Some did, many did not, planning to call the Alliance's bluff or unable to believe it would actually happen. Major cities, transportation centers and manufacturing facilities were subjected to heavy kinetic attack from orbit. Some areas were instead hit with biological weapons. After three days, civilization had been crushed. The survivors fled to the farms and outback and set up refugee camps. Mortality rates in the camps were high, but there was a relief effort and many people were evacuated to Boros and Hera. Except for self sufficient farmers in the back country, Aphrodite was effectively depopulated. Even today, there are few native inhabitants.

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