Anuireans (an-WEER-ee-ans) are native to the southwestern portion of Cerilia. The ancient Anuireans were a fair-skinned, red-haired people, but over centuries of extensive contact with other cultures Anuireans have lost any defining physical characteristics.
Anuirean society is semi-feudal, founded on a class of free farmers and craftsmen; slavery is an offense to the Anuireans. Regents are usually titled nobles. Anuireans respect nobility, and look to their leaders to protect them from the savages who surround the states of the old empire. Commoners strongly identify with their lords, and the dealings and alliances of the noble families is a topic of constant discussion throughout Anuirean lands.
The Anuireans were once the overlords of nearly the entire continent. Following the lead of Emperor Roele, they dominated the other cultures of the land, and it seemed certain that they would be the ones to bring the disparate bloodlines together and unite the land forever. However, the death of Michael Roele (the last ruler of a 1,000-year dynasty) changed all of that. The Anuireans as a whole are now no more and no less powerful as the other peoples of Cerilia.
Still, the Anuireans have the advantage over their comrades, in that they have the lushest part of Cerilia to work from. The weather is temperate, the fields yield a bountiful harvest, and there's a plentiful supply of goods coming through the former capital of the Empire. It's no wonder that the Anuireans were able to dominate Cerilia for centuries.
Anuirean leaders are usually warriors, or at least cultivate a warlike aspect. After all, the chief god of Anuire is Haelyn, the god of war. Also, every Anuirean ruler knows that Roele established his Empire by taking over one kingdom at a time, and every regent thinks she can duplicate the feat. This means that the Anuireans' advantage over the neighboring cultures is wasted because the small kings spend their time squabbling among each other.
In a historical context, Anuire can be viewed as an amalgamation of the Roman Empire and Medieval England. Anuire has a relatively advanced medieval technology similar to that of the early Renaissance cultures.

The Anuireans are a stubborn, proud, and warlike people who respect social order and take great pains to maintain a demeanor appropriate to their rank and duties. Reserved and formal, Anuireans are sensitive to even slight changes in body language and mannerisms. Furthermore, the dealings and alliances of noble families are favored topics of continuous discussion throughout Anuirean lands.