Anuire covers most of the south-western corner of Cerilia. Its regions and provinces were originally the basis of the Anuirean Empire. Its human population are now known as the Anuireans although in the years prior to Deismaar they were called the Andu. The Anuirean Empire covered all of this land and parts of western Khinasi and southern Rjurik. However, with the loss of the last Emperor of the true blood, the empire fragmented into three successor states and a number of independent domains. At one point the ruler of each of the three successor states claimed the title of Emperor of Anduire and each nation titled itself the Anuirean Empire. Over time the three states have mostly reconciled into independent realms with a moderate amount of border skirmishing.
Note: The Anuireans are loosely based on a mixture of the medieval British/French with a hint of the Romans. As such social class is very important in Anuirean society, most people will live and die in the social class to which they are born. Advancement (and regression) are however possible - anyone who becomes rich and powerful is likely to be inducted into the noble class, while a noble who becomes impoverished is likely to fall in social class unless they can trade their name for another's wealth (i.e. by marrying a rich adventurer).

Map of Anuire

The Heartland or Central Anuire

The Heartlands is the central region of Anuire. The Heartlands is the most civilized area of Anuire, and includes some of the strongest realms. The Heartlands borders each of the other regions of Anuire. The former Imperial capital is here and still serves as the capital of Central Anuire
The Imperial City

Southern Coast or Southern Anuire

The Southern Coast is the oldest settled area of Anuire, the south has been settled longer than the new gods have enjoyed their heavenly thrones. Few places here have escaped takeover by humankind. As the residents can attest, the area is full of excitement and sites of interest. Old castles hide a wealth of information about the Anuire of days past. The Straits of Aerele just to the south are home to the feared Seadrake, while the Spiderfell to the north houses another abomination. And places of mystery still remain: the Erebannien in Aerenwe as well as domains such as Mieres where dark secrets have rendered them all but lost to the rest of the land.
Albiele Island

The Western Coast or Western Anuire

The Western Coast is the land of Anuire that lays along the Sea of Storms. Though settlement began shortly after the arrival of humans in Anuire, only two of the tribes took to the Western Coast and so it has always had a more insular character.

The Northern Marches

The Northern Marches are the most dangerous and least civilised part of Anuire. This area is home to only two domains from the old Empire, for the land seems hostile to civilisation. Dhoesone borders three non-human lands, as well as Stjordvik of the Rjurik. Cariele shares its borders with four non-human realms. Life in these lands is uncertain and nearly as brutal as in neighbouring Rjurik. The nobles and rulers here have little time to waste on pleasantries and pleasures. They must instead save their energies for the unceasing battles against enemies on all sides.
The Gorgon's Crown
The Five Peaks
Thurazor A goblin realm.

The Eastern Marches

A traveller's first impression of the Eastern Marches is one of dampness. There is water everywhere, from the swamps of Osoerde to the rivers of Coeranys. Most who live here become bargemen or fisherfolk, though some farming and woodcutting goes on, too. The people act fairly civilised and relaxed and could become excellent politicians, so adept are they at hiding their true feelings. However, most have no desire to venture into politics they just want to live as they please. The Marches are not a true successor state, but a collection of independent realms. The Sielwode is controlled by an anti-human nation of elves and the the Chimaeron is under the control of the evil awnsheghlien known as the Chimaera. Osoerde is ruled by an evil human line. Baruk-Azhik is ruled by good Dwarves and Coeranys has a good human ruler. The two nations have a strong relationship and mutual assistance treaties, as well as a treaty with Central Anuire.
The Sielwode
The Chimaeron