Antonio dy Santiago

(Played by Matt)

Human Duelist

The third son of a noble family in the Marches, Jozan Santiago is Antonio's older brother. Their eldest brother, Fernando, is the heir to the family estates and titles.

"I was born third of a wealthy family, least likely to claim the head of nobility that my two older brothers were entitled to. Last in line did have its benefits, however, in other respects. I have all the status of a noble with none of the responsibilities. Out of love for my father, but not because of his need for duty, I took up studies in etiquette, and because of my father's passion for it, dueling.
I learned the way of the sword very quick and soon was winning matches without any effort. This was the problem for my father because the ease with which I learned to fight was the ease with which I became bored of it. I found the money, companions, and women that came with gambling and drinking much more pleasurable than the stuck up lords, ladies, and fancy dinners of the noble life. They said they were so cultured, but they knew nothing of the common man's plight. They were too busy learning which fork was proper when eating salad or which wine would go well with dinner.
I prefer the simple things in life which my family couldn’t begin to understand. My brother Jozan was the only one who would try to understand or could understand. The brotherly bond between the two of us grew more than any other family ties could have. It was very common for Jozan to drag me out of the gutter the morning after a night of leisure so that I could do my duties the next day. Jozan, I thought, was in a much similar predicament. Jozan was a cleric, a man of the cloth. He understood simple pleasures. Even if they weren’t the same types of pleasures that I found.
I also, even if he was family, did not like my older brother Fernando. He spent all his time learning to become our father. Day and night practicing speaking, practicing etiquette, dance, hell, even how to walk properly. He embodied arrogance, self righteousness, everything I despised about my family. He was so involved in being the best at everything, he had no time for just living his life. He was predestined to act the same way for every situation. When I heard my father say "Antonio, you have no passion in life", all I could think about was how little passion Fernando had in life. I react to situations, Fernando already has it in his mind what to do. What passion was there in that?
Oh, to speak of passion, to speak of beauty, is to speak of the one woman I loved. Ah yes, Esmeralda. There are many women I have seen, and had my fair share of nights with, but they were only there to fill the depths of my heart that has been torn apart. She was a noblewoman's daughter with beauty comparable to none. But she was to married off to another. I had confessed my love for her one night, and she was happy. At the same time however we knew that as the laws and order of nobility had been set, we could not be together. As time passes, I resent more what this life of nobility has to offer me. I was promised in marriage to another, but I knew what that might have meant for the woman in question. When word got out that I was seeing other women, the marriage was cancelled and I was saved from her grasp. However, when word got to Esmeralda she did not take it so lightly. She understood why at first but things were never the same, even though my love for her longed to make it so.
I like the high life of nobility, there is no lie to this. That being said, I never forgot that I was standing on the shoulders of others. I only wish I could have a shot at becoming noble so that I could stand high above the rest, but still stand next to my fellow men. Being the third son, I would never have the chance, but that doesn’t mean that I can't dream. But dreaming gets you nothing however, so perhaps I'll just play another game of cards and order a drink or two. I think that the bar wench at the end of the bar has been flirting with me, I suspect a good night ahead of me indeed.