Altars Of Dusarra

(Totally stolen..I mean inspired by Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Seven Altars of Dusarra")
The party is waiting in Skelleth for the Forgotten King to give them their next task. Jozan borrows Kiriana's Medallion of Teleport and takes Ulayoth with him to Verella for training. They return with Fenric, a half-elven mage and a distant relation of Ulayoth's. A few days later, the Forgotten King speaks to Kiriana and tells her that he needs certain items, but does not recall exactly what he needs. He says to go to Dusarra and bring him what lies on the four dark altars. When they question him that there are only three dark gods, he mentions that there is a fourth, the Final God, He Who Must Not Be Named or Death.

With a great deal of concern, the adventurers and their new member travel to Dusarra. There they find a city which allows the open worship of all the gods. Many followers wear the colors of their gods openly. Most of the people worship neutral gods, but there are a few faithful to the good gods, and a larger minority wear the colors of the evil gods. No one seems to follow the god of Death. They investigate the town and find the churches of the dark gods. Jozan and Kiriana make a visit to Tyr's shrine. They decide to strike at Liart's temple early the next morning.

When they arrive, they find an early morning gathering, complete with sacrifice. They attack the priests and their guards, slaying them and driving the cowed worshippers back. Antonio rescues the girl from the altar. As they leave, Cyrus uses Psionic Blast on most of the worshippers and Ulayoth puts a Wizard Lock on the doors to hold them. The party flees the city and camps in the woods to make new plans. Kiriana teleports to Skelleth and presents the girl to the Forgotten King, since she was on Liart's altar. He is uninterested in her and Kiriana returns to their camp the next morning. Antonio returns the girl to her family and wanders around town, looking for rumors. He questions a sage about the temple of the Final God.

Kiriana is having moral issues and uses her medallion to teleport to Opal and consult with her church. She is told that she is attacking enemy churches, and if she has not been given a divine sign to stop, then she should continue. She returns to Dusarra and the party plans to strike that night. They go first to Nerull's temple, which is deserted. They find only dust on the altar, and collect a vialful. Kiriana and Jozan consider destroying the altar, but are persuaded to leave in the interest of haste. Next they go to Lolth's temple. The gates open at their approach and they enter to find it deserted as well. There is a bastard sword in a stand on the altar, Cyrus tries to take it by using his Ectoplasmic Form, but the sword refuses to be moved and Cyrus is forced to pick it up normally. A booming laugh resounds through the temple and a voice welcomes them. Cyrus uses Kiriana's medallion to teleport back to Skelleth with the sword. They decide to flee, but they are trapped, only Kiriana can cross the threshold of the sanctuary to escape and eight giant temple guardian spiders rush them. They fight off the spiders and are able to cross the threshold under cover of Fenric's Protection from Evil spell. As they flee, they hear the voice laughing. Tired from their attack, they decide to retreat to their camp in the forest. Hopefully Cyrus will return there after consulting with the Forgotten King.

When Cyrus arrives in Skelleth, he gives the Forgotten King the dust from the altar of Nerull and the sword. He does not want either item, but tells Cyrus the sword is Obextalea. Cyrus returns to camp the next day and they decide to wait until evening to go to the Final God's temple. In the evening they return to city and enter the temple. A long twisting tunnel takes them down to a natural cave which has been reshaped. There is a reading stand like altar with a horned skull on it and another passage leading out. A dim red glow comes from the other tunnel. They decide this is not the altar and head for the other passage. A giant blind worm emerges from the tunnel and knocks them flying. The fight the worm, but cannot flee because a portcullis has dropped across the entrance. Fenric summons Bullywugs and giant bats to help in the fight. They wound the worm and it retreats down the tunnel. Fenric sends the Bullywugs in pursuit and Cyrus and Kiriana lead the pack. Another portcullis comes down behind them and they decide to retreat.

Returning to the first chamber, the entrance has reopened. They decide to take the skull, assuming the reading stand is the altar. An old man in dead black robes enters and questions them, he says he is the caretaker of the temple, a lesser priest of the Final God. He asks what they fought, he has never seen the beast which take the sacrifices. They question him in turn and he says he does not have all the answers, he is merely the lesser priest. The true high priest of the God Who Must Not Be Named has not been seen in Dusarra for at least three centuries, he is called the Forgotten King…

Shaken, the party leaves without answering more of the caretakers questions.They return to camp and begin their journey home. Jozan and Kiriana are very concerned that the are serving evil and she returns to Opal to discuss matters with the senior priest of Tyr, Amrick. She tells him of their missions for the Forgotten King so far, and the revelation of the Final God's existence and the Forgotten King's status. Amrick says he will pray for guidance from Tyr (Commune spell) and speak to her in the morning.

Amrick calls her in the next day. He confirmed the existence of the Final God and the Forgotten King's status. He says the Forgotten King's goal is not the destruction of the world and that they are not serving evil. He is not sure if the Forgotten King is immortal or if his goals are evil, Kiriana and her compatriots must make their own decision. She returns to the party and they decide to complete their quest and turn over the skull to the king.

When they arrive and present the skull to the Forgotten King, he is angry. He says that was part of the altar, he wanted what was on it, where is the book? There is some angry confusion as the party members complain that he should have told them he wanted a book, and that there was no book, he insists it should be there. Finally, they convince him there was no book on the altar. The king tells them to keep their trinkets and leave him alone, he must try to remember where the book is.

Smart Remarks and Quotes
Mike: "Do you have the book 'Minds of the Unknown'"?
Konrad: "Is that Matt's autobiography?"

Konrad: "What book? The Obamanomicon?"