Aldur Maltathian

Elven Bard played by Konrad

In Progress:

Aldur Maltathian was born in Elvandar, capital of the Elven Lands, of two merchants. Morben and Nessiel Maltathian were shrewd, practical elves. The family was well to do and held some power in the merchants' guild. Aldur was raised mostly by his grandmother though, his parents busy much of the time with their own ambitions. Talawen Cromdel was a kindly woman, soft spoken, but disciplined. Caretaker of young Aldur she saw to his schooling and health as well as teaching him proper manners and true etiquette. Included in these daily lessons were lute and voice instruction from Talawen personally. She still performed professionally in the city of Elvandar and was well known, but mostly retired. A master of her crafts she saw Aldur's natural talent early on and put a higher priority on those lessons as his interest turned into passion for music.

As he grew Aldur became closer and closer to his grandmother, looking to her as a parent more so than his own. She may have been a kindly old woman, but detested the other races. Over the many years under her tutalige this rubbed off onto Aldur. He still loved his biological parents though, for they saw to all of his wants and needs in their own way. Morben and Nessiel never quite approved of Aldur's growing ambition to become a performer like his grandmother and tried to disway him and Talawen. Though they never stopped him, as he grew their disdain for his "lack of true ambition" was vocalized more and more. This only served to fuel Aldur's determination. Having been ignored for so long and then being told he wouldn't be considered sucessful in his parents eyes Aldur wanted to make them see what he did. His parents were only interested in his well being they said, but didn't take his happiness into account, only his pocket book. The two parties looking for something different and still calling it love.

Roll low like a proficiency/ Complex task
Song writing, complex task, five rolls. Under Int is fair, under 1/2 Int is good, under 1/4 Int is great, 1 is amazing. Can go back and reroll to rewrite. Each task is about a week.