Alcatraz Prisoner Transport

Alcatraz class Prisoner Transport

3000 tons
Speed Class 4 Hard burn 6
Str d6 Agi d6 Vit d6 Int d6 Ale d6 Wil d8
Pilot d6 Perception d6
Assets: Secure (M)
Complexity: High (42)
Fuel: 600 Hours at SC4
Crew: 5 (Captain, Navigator, 2 Engineers, Medic)
Security team: 8 troops
Cargo: 71
Prisoners: 120
Gear: 20 ton shuttle, sick bay, security equipment, 4 4 place lifepods
Cost: 193,960 credits
Maintenance: 400 credits per month

The Alcatraz class was used by the Londinium government to transport prisoners as forced labor for terraforming and colonization efforts. Prisoners were housed in small 2 bed rooms with a small common area and head serving 2 bunk rooms or 4 prisoners. The ship had excellent security features including cameras, electrified decking, tear gas and sleep gas dispensers and reinforced hatches. The cargo area was completely separate from the prisoner quarters and the only access way from the crew quarters to the prisoners' area was through a corridor kept pumped down to vacuum with airlocks at each end. The ship had a separate security center where guards monitored the prisoners.
The chief complaint that activists made against the ship was that there was no way to evacuate prisoners in an emergency. However, no ships were lost to accidents, and the only ship that had an incident was the LSS Folsom, which was lost during the war.