Commander Alana Navix

(Played by Mike)

Physical Description
Average height, attractive and athletic with long red hair. Character appearance: Scarlett Johansson.

Alana was born on Alderaan. However, early in her childhood her family emigrated to Corellia . Her father, Issac Navix, moved the family to continue his career as a ship engineer. His company was expanding their headquarters there. They manufactured space faring vessels. Her mother Iona Navix was a talented lawyer who quickly integrated into the Corellian court system. Since both parents were so focused on their careers, Alana spent a lot of time in the day care on her father's campus. Outside the daycare window she often watched the ships her father helped design, flying above the testing grounds. It inspired her to become a pilot. She wanted to fly she splendid ships Issac made. So, Alana enrolled in the Corellian Flight Academy as soon as she was of age. She wanted desperately to follow her dreams. Iona was thrilled her daughter wanted to become a pilot, but insisted she study hard on the academics. Perhaps not sure her daughter would be successful in such a career. Despite that, Alana graduated valedictorian. The academy had a placement program and recommended her to the Republic. Soon she joined the Republic's Judicial Branch fleet. She attended further training on Coruscant and based on her aptitude scores, was recently assigned to Herdessa as a transport ship commander for the jedi station there. It was considered very honorable to be assigned to work alongside Jedi at the time.

Alana is a dreamer. When she's on the ground she can't help but think about being behind the helm of a ship. When she's in space, she's mentally crossing off planets in her list of places to go. Ms. Navix is natural when it comes to learning new things and always scored well in school. She's an adventurer at heart and looks forward to her missions.

Leave no sky untouched, leave no sector unexplored.

A Quote
"Huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening to the conversation. I think I'm going to go through my pre-flight check."

Allure (minor)- +1D bonus to Persuasion and interpersonal skill rolls with characters that are attracted to you.

Lightweight (minor)- -1D penalty on Strength rolls to resist drugs or intoxicants.


Admiral Anami Tille- A senior instructor at the Republic Judicial Branch Naval Academy on Coruscant. Alderaanian female human, late 60's. Grey hair in a tight bun.

Captain Degross Jom- Alana's first captain on her midshipman cruise, he helped with her astrogation qualification. Male Bith.

Lieutenant Gar Terrik- One of Alana's classmates from Corellia. He pursued Alana all through school but never pressured her or took offense when she turned him down. They became friends finally on a jungle survival exercise. Male human, early 30's, dark haired with a prankster's grin.