The Agent Y Incident

This is the first escape by an Agent while working a job. At the time it was considered the worst accident in the Academy’s history.

This incident occurred in City Center on Osiris while Agent/Operator pair 514333/Yost were working a simple information retrieval job in a judicial datacenter. It is believed that Agent 514333 (known as “Trinity” or “Trin” because of the triple 3 at the end of her identifier) unexpectedly severed her psychic tether with Yost and attempted to flee the building. Yost was briefly able to re-establish a linkage, but Trin used this connection to psychically attack Yost leaving her catatonic and unable to communicate.

As Trin was a very valuable and highly sensitive piece of equipment, it was important that she be captured alive and undamaged. The area was evacuated and quarantined and it was determined that a second operator/agent pair offered their best chance of recovery. Locke was operating Ruan on another part of Osiris so they were to be immediately pulled from their mission in order to hunt down and retrieve agent 514333.

It immediately became clear that capturing Yost’s stray dog was going to be more difficult than expected. Though Ruan had a very easy time tracking her, in her heightened state he was no match for her fighting hand to hand. Using his pistol to subdue her would defeat the purpose so instead they used Ruan and Locke to systematically flush her into increasingly smaller confinement zones. Once in a tight enough controlled area, the Hands could do the rest.

It took two days and though Ruan was injured during the process and killed nearly half of his own extraction team during the final minutes of the mission, it was considered a success. The windfall of the incident was a series of changes to the tethered program to try and create stronger operators and agents unable to run.