Aftermath and Amnesty

After the loss of almost the entire Independent Space Navy at the Battle of Sturges, and the conquest of Hera (and the bloody losses of the Battle of Serenity Valley), the Independents were left with only Boros. Faced with defeat, the government of Boros surrendered on September 25th, 2511 and Boros was occupied. The Alliance placed a major garrison on Boros to maintain control and even today, more Alliance troops are stationed here than any other world in the 'Verse outside of the Core Worlds.

Browncoats captured during the war and held in prison camps were documented, listed as resistance members and then amnestied as part of the end of the war. Most were returned to their home worlds, troops formerly from Shadow or Aphrodite were settled on other worlds of the Georgia system. On October 16th, 2511, the Alliance government officially stated the war was over and the worlds of the 'Verse brought together in one peaceful union and declared Unification Day.

However, any former active resistance members are barred by law from holding any public office (appointed or elected) or voting. Beaten in battle, disenfranchised after their surrender, these former Independents have no means to add their voice to Alliance affairs. The Disenfranchisement Act is suppose to expire in 2521, but there are those who wish to see it extended. Or even made permanent.