Following the bar battle in Dalansvale, Giovane is under arrest in the town Jail. The rest of the party is on parole, but not allowed to leave town and are mostly expected to stay in their inn. The surviving barbarians, including three more that were rescued from the ruin of the bar, are under similar confinement in another inn. The town has sent a messenger to the main temple of Tyr in Dalruan, and to the Tsaian capital in Verella. Harper visits Giovane and jail and is startled to see a black tattoo of a broken axe has appeared overnight on his forehead, marking him as an oathbreaker to Clangeddin.
Tyr's church responds first, sending the Falkian paladin Sir Nycolas Valiente, who met the party during the conference in Dalruan. He questions the party and the surviving babrbarians. A few days later, the Tsaian royal investigator, Azold Haroson, arrives from Verella. He confers with Sir Nycolas and then all the witnesses' testimony is verified under the paladin's Zone of Truth spell. They call the adventurers together for their decision. Giovane will be sentenced to 30 years hard labor in a Tsaian royal prison. Since he has already donated his coins to the innkeeper and injured townspeople, his arms and armor are seized and will be held in trust to be given to his sister. Anna is technically guilty of assault for casting of Stinking Cloud, but since her sworn intention was to incapacitate everyone involved and stop the battle, she is charged with creating a public nuisance and fined. The barbarians will be held temporarily. Sir Nycolas has questioned them and confirmed their tribe holds slaves, including Giovane's sister, Fari. The village is outside of Tsaian territory in the Open Lands, so Haroson has no jurisdiction to send royal troops there. But Tyr's church is not constrained by borders. Sir Nycolas orders them to go to the village and rescue the slaves with the absolute minimum bloodshed. They will return here with the rescued slaves so that Giovane can see his sister before he is remanded to prison. The Church of Tyr will undertake the conversion of Giovane's goods to currency to provide for Fari and they will deliver her to the church of Clangeddin who will help her return to dwarven society.
The party leaves Dalansvale and follows the directions Sir Nycolas obtained from the barbarians. It is in the general direction of their old treasure map, but they have no time to turn aside and explore the mountains to solve that mystery. A few days later, they encounter a riderless horse fleeing south towards them in the rain. They stop and the horse's rider appears, a human warrior pursued by two hill giants. The party ambushes the giants. [[[Pancho]] uses Crown of Madness on one giant and it attacks the other. Spells and missiles fly from the party. Radine summons a storm and hurls lightning bolts at the giants. The giants are killed and they help the traveler, a human warrior who calls himself Eroe joins them. They make camp for the night, but in the middle of the night, they are awakened by three manticores that came to eat the dead giants, but chose live prey instead. Harper casts Spirit Guardians to protect the party, Hudora snipes from behind cover and Raidne goes into bear form. Eroe's dual swords flash as he fights and Pancho again turns a manticore against its allies. After the manticores are dead, the party moves camp away from all the corpses.
A few more days travel brings them to Zerec's tribe's village. They have been told the slaves are mostly kept in one guarded dwelling, but a few reside with their owners. Raidne sneaks into town in animal form to scout and returns with information. In the middle of the night, they move into town, but encounter a barbarian patrolling the town. They stop her with a Hold Person spell and tie her up. They hide her in the fields and move up to the slaves' house. Anna sneaks up and casts Sleep on the guard and drops him. Pancho goes inside and convinces the slaves they are here to rescue them and to get ready to leave. Giovane's sister is among them. The party goes to other houses and gets the last few slaves out, but sometimes it's a struggle since they are being awakened by strangers in the middle of the night. Anna puts herself and Raidne to sleep with a Catnap spell so they can regain some of their powers. In the last house, waking the slave does not go well and her struggles awaken the house owners and they find Hudora and Pancho carrying the slave out. Hudora is wounded by the barbarian's axe after her Sleep spell knocks out his wife but not him. Pancho manages to knock him out and they escape.
Eroe has gone to the stables and is getting horses ready. The rest of the party brings the slaves to the stables and the party flees town. But the various incidents have awakened the town and the barbarians are forming a group to pursue them. Raidne lags behind the party to delay pursuit. As the barbarians come out of town to pursue the party into the night, the adventurers hear the roars of a bear and the startled shouts of the villagers. More bear roars and screams come out of the darkness, then Raidne runs up to the party in wolf form. She shifts back into human form, chuckling that she didn't kill anyone but she knocked them around good and discouraged their pursuit.
The party heads back to Dalansvale with the rescued slaves. They realize they don't have enough food for everyone and Harper casts Create Food and Water each day to supply everyone. Back at town, Giovane is briefly able to see Fari before he is taken away to serve his sentence.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Hudora is outgoing at the hearing
Jim "Worst. Thief. Ever."

Jack "It's amazing how annoying a little prick is"
Jim "That's what she said"

During the battle with the giants, both of them fell on Eroe after they were killed. They had no worthwhile treasure to speak of.
Nick "Giants are bad tippers"
Stacy "They're great tippers if you count tipping over and falling on you"