Admiral Sharpe's Secrets

Admiral Sharpe does indeed have a small fleet. From things he has let slip to Lennon or the crew has seen, he has a mobile repair ship, the Moradin, and a tanker, the Bounteous Mother. He has other ships as well…

When Sharpe and his crew escaped from the Glory, they went into hiding and most of them have stayed with Sharpe. They have been out on the Rim, struggling to get by, but firm in their resolve not to surrender. They have sold their services as mercenaries, pulled illegal salvage and sell fuel in order to get food and supplies. The recovery of the Glory, while a strain on their resources, raises their military power by at least an order of magnitude. Also, hidden on board the ship was a portion of the Independents' treasury. That money will go a long way to funding Sharpe's operations and assisting other pro-reform groups.

The Admiral has said he does not believe war is the answer to the problems of the Alliance, at least not a second War of Independence. The Alliance is far stronger and the Rim worlds weaker than before the war, armed confrontation would not succeed. He believes change needs to come from within, a reform of the corrupt practices of the parliament. But, he has said there are "other forces on the Rim" that the Glory can be used against.

For several years, Sharpe has suffered from a serious fungal lung infection. During the preparations for the rescue of the Glory, Dr. Lennon was able to diagnose him and recommend a treatment to reduce his symptoms. A few months later, Lennon was able to obtain medicine from one of his suppliers that will eventually cure the infection. The medication was transferred to one of Sharpe's officers at Corone station and the Admiral's condition has greatly improved since then.

Sharpe is in contact with many organized groups of former Independents, working together to better life on the rim. In Parts is Parts, the Admiral is using the blockade runner Anne Bonney as a transport.

For the slave rescue on Ita (Rescue on Ita), Sharpe has called in most of his fleet: the Glory, the Moradin, the Bounteous Mother and the blockade runners Anne Bonney and Elizabeth Swan. They also have a Firefly class which is used to lift the rescued slaves, but it's a throw away.

Some of Sharpe's Officers

Saul Potter, Chief of Staff
Captain Charles Torres, commander of the Glory
Captain Aguiar, commander of the Anne Bonnie
Captain Steiner, commander of the Elizabeth Swan
Captain Richard Liao, commander of the Moradin
Captain Rockwood, commander of the Bounteous Mother
Commander Harry Tschu, chief engineer of the Glory
Lieutenant Kessler, commander of the Glory's Marines
Lieutenant Qin Na, one of the Glory's engineers
Bosun Dennis McBride, senior NCO of the Glory