Admiral Sharpe

(based upon the character from the adventure "Ghosts of the Rebellion" in Serenity Adventures)
Formerly Captain Roland Sharpe of the pre-Alliance Londinium Space Navy, Admiral Sharpe was the senior naval officer for the Independent Space Navy. He is best known for his defection from the LSN on the eve of the war, stealing the battle cruiser LSN Glory when he and most of the cruiser's crew defected.
At the end of the war, the Glory was captured, but Sharpe and her crew disappeared. Since he did not show up for the amnesty hearings, he and his crew are still listed as wanted fugitives. There are persistent rumors that Admiral Sharpe and his holdouts have some ships somewhere on the rim of the 'Verse. Not all of the Independents' warships were accounted for after the war, so the rumors keep Alliance patrols deep in the Black on edge. Character appearance: Bruce Boxleitner as President John Sheridan from the finale of Babylon 5. Glory's Flight, Parts is Parts, Rescue on Ita

Admiral Sharpe's Secrets