Aces & Eights

(based on the Classic Traveller Adventure "Aces & Eights")


While on Boros, Saxon Molyneux is contacted by an old gambling friend, Ting Bascom. She is the casino boss on the Golden Voyage, an Odyssey class liner converted to a casino ship. She has a suspected crook on board and hires Saxon and most of the crew to take passage undercover and see if they can catch any crooks. Saxon, Wilks, Lennon and Archibald agree. Capt'n Sata and Jackson take the Yellow Submarine with a load of cargo to Londinium, they will meet up with the rest of the crew at Gonghe, the Golden Voyage's next stop.

Mystery Man

Before the crew leaves, Wilks is barhopping, looking for some good micro-brews to stock up on. In one bar, he sees a man light a cigar with a flip top lighter, then he closes it with an odd, practiced flourish. Wilks is struck that he has seen that exact move before, but he can't remember where or when. He is certain he's never seen the man before.

Card Shark

The crew spends the trip shadowing their suspect, Preston, a former Alliance soldier whose unit was wiped out by Browncoats during the war. He still has a keepsake deck of playing cards for the 1188th that show the unit's symbol, the "Deadman's Hand" (pair of aces, pair of eights, all black, and a face down card).

The crew decides he is simply a skilled player, not a crook. With a week aboard ship, some other silly things occur. Lennon taunts some other ex-Alliance troops in the bar by singing "Revolution" at them on the karaoke machine. Wilks finds a secret Fish game played by the ship's crew in Engineering.

Death of a Gambler

Towards the end of the cruise, Preston and a couple others are invited to a stateroom to play a private game with another passenger, Dolby. Preston has to break out his keepsake deck since Dolby says he forgot to bring cards. When its his turn to deal, Dolby declares the cards are marked, pulls a gun and shoots Preston with what he claims are tranquilizer darts. Proclaiming he's a member of ship's security, Dolby orders the witnesses to stay there and leaves. Lennon notices that Preston is actually dead, one of the darts contained a lethal toxin. While Lennon tries to revive Preston, they call for help. Dolby is arrested after a shootout with the real ship's security.

The ship arrives at Gonghe and the crew is detained for questioning. Sata flies the Yellow Submarine across system from Londinium to meet up with them. After questioning, the crew is released and Dolby is taken away for trial. Saxon is left with Preston's cards.