Aarenis Months And Holidays

Human Calendar and Holidays of Aarenis
Tyr’s Night: Jonever 4th

Greengrass: Vernal Equinox, Marris 31st
Simyit’s Gambit: 1st New moon in Avril
Guardians’ Day: Maia 30th
Midsummer Night: Summer Solstice, Tiyagar 1st
Gird’s Victory: Tiyagar 27th
Moon of Wisdom: First full moon after Summer Solstice
Camwyn’s Victory: Septander 15th
Harvestide: Autumnal Equinox, Octander 2nd
Falk’s Release: Octander 26th
Feast of Luap: Novander 30th
Midwinter’s Feast: Decander 31st and Jonever 1st
Midwinter Night: Winter Solstice, Decander 31st

Holiday Descriptions
Tyr’s Night: Celebrated on the night when the constellation of the Warrior is highest in the sky. An evening of church services and sparring contests, culminating in a feast at Midnight.
Simyit’s Gambit: Begins at nightfall with services and offerings, then becomes a wild night of contests, gambling, feasting and drinking until all have passed out. Not popular in the Eight Kingdoms, it is more commonly celebrated in the Southern City States and in Beryl it approaches Mardi Gras proportions.
Greengrass: The beginning of Spring, with a festival of music and dancing to give thanks that the winter has ended. It is also a festival for Torre, of single people seeking relationships and couples reaffirming their love.
Guardians’ Day: Honors the protectors of the people: soldiers, town guards, magistrates. Townspeople contribute food and goods. This is Torm’s holy day, with services and martial contests.
Midsummer Night: The major summer festival. A major day for lovers similar to Greengrass, when most betrothals are made and many weddings held. Also celebration of art and music.
Moon of Wisdom: Services and ceremonies for Ashto, services begin when the full moon rises at nightfall.
Gird’s Victory: Commemorates the victory of St. Gird and his peasant army over the oppressive nobles of what is now most of Tsaia. A day of sports and manly contests, followed by an evening of quiet ceremonies remembering Gird’s sacrifices for others.
Camwyn’s Victory: Celebrates St. Camwyn Dragonmaster of Tyr and his defeat of a dragon.
Harvestide: Festival and feast marking the end of the harvest. In some areas, the feast continues for any remaining days of the harvest as fresh food is brought in each day.
Falk’s Release: This holiday remembers the release of St. Falk of Tyr from the dungeons of the tyrant Celias who could not break Falk’s will or faith.
Feast of Luap: Celebrates the birth of Luap, who was Gird’s friend and chronicled his life. A day of feasting, music and tales, important to bards.
Midwinter’s Feast: A two day celebration with feasts and winter sports marking the end of one year and the beginning of the next.
Midwinter’s Night: The night between the two days of Midwinter’s Feast. The night is spent without fires starting at midnight, in an all night vigil, lighting the first new fire at dawn. The High Lord’s night. Only the elderly, ill and families with young children are allowed fires. It is considered a bad omen if the winter is so severe that the priests give permission to light fires. Most homes will build a huge fire in the evening and let the coals simmer.

Elven Holidays
Namer’s Day Adyan’s Celebration on first day after Winter Solstice, children are brought to ceremony and named publicly. Celebrated with prayer services and feasting.

Erevan’s Feast Held on second new moon after Winter Solstice, a night of feasting, drinking, games of chance and revelry.

Flowers Bloom Spring festival on Vernal Equinox.

Moon and Star Orphin’s night, occurs in Yunen on night of the full moon.

Love’s Day Alyana’s holy day on Summer Solstice, traditional day for weddings and betrothals.

Day of Judgement Solonor’s holy day on the Autumnal Equinox. Feasts and Archery contests. People may bring complaints to the priests for judgement.

Year’s End Feast celebrating the end of the year, starts at nightfall on Winter Solstice

Dwarven Holidays
All Cask's Night Feyever 1st, one night a year, all dwarven brewers gather their best ales and spirits for a night of drinking and celebration. Following day is known as the Blackout Dawn.