A Quest

Kevin- Elf Thief
Mike- Human Fighter
Michael- Human Druid
JoAnne- Half-Elf Archer

In return for raising Mike's character from the dead (Tower in the Woods), the party is sent by the church of the High Lord to deal with a group of goblin raiders. They travel to the town of Erinsvale and speak with the locals, then head to Daaksberg, where they learn the goblins have some kind of troll or giant helping them. Finally, they journey to Threeoaks and arrive during an attack by a dozen goblins and three of the "trolls" which turn out to be umber hulks. After the battle, they see the umber hulks have strange tattoos of triangular letters.
The party decides to investigate a ruined castle and finds it held by goblins. The druid calls black bears and centaurs to help them, the thief and fighter go to the top and start killing goblin guards on the battlements. The thief spots some goblins tending a wild boar over a fire and throws a flask of oil at them. The bears tear down the stick and log temporary gate and the archer, druid and centaurs swarm into the courtyard. The fighter and thief enter the castle from above, the thief finds more goblins, but the fighter finds two umber hulks and is badly wounded before fleeing. As he flees, he hears a hissing voice chanting a spell, but he escapes using his Cloak of Flying.
The party regroups and fights their way in the front door. They find the great hall, which is filled with prisoners kidnapped fom the villages. The centaurs are sent to lead them to safety while the party goes upstairs. The druid uses Detect Magic and finds several sources of magic. They approach cautiously, checking other rooms as they go. When they get to the room with the magic, the open the door and see some kind of magical gateway. There are three umber hulks with neogi masters riding them, they step through the portal. The gateway closes and the monsters escape. The party falls back and helps the rescued villagers return home before heading back to Opal.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Mike "Come to the Dark Side."
Jim "I AM the Dark Side."
Mike "It's only dark because its in your shadow."

Kevin "If we see a dragon, I'm going to Hide in Shadows."
Jim "Under your bed."
Kevin "Yes."

Matt stopped in with a rule question from his game across the hall:
Mike "What is the save vs. Hochadel?"

The druid shape-changed into an owl to scout and encountered a giant wasp:
Mike "We need a trebuchet with a flyswatter on it."

Chris stopped in to see what I was running and I showed him the monsters waiting for the party:
Chris "I applaud your creativity."
Jim to his players "If you're not afraid, you should be now."

Kevin's thief throws an oil flask into the fire a group of goblins were using to roast a wild boar:
Jim "'You've got bacon on my goblins!" "You've got goblins in my bacon!'"

Michael "I cast Barkskin on my bears."
Mike "It's our armored bear division."
Kevin "They're bear tanks."