Alliance Patrol and Enforcement Cutter
Agi d10 Str d4 Vit d6 Ale d8 Int d4 Wil d6
Perception d2, Pilot d2
Speed Class 6/Hard Burn 10
Complexity: 42
Assets: Fast Throttle (M)
Crew: 2
Troops: 6
Prisoners: 4
Fuel: 400 hours at SC6
Armor: 2w
d6 (vehicle scale) cannon, 315 rounds
2 1 ton missile launchers, 12 1 ton missiles
Cargo: 23.5
Cost: 39,800 credits
Maintenance: 107 credits/month

This is another flawed design from Six-Shooters and Spaceships. She has huge math errors and again, carries missiles but no launchers. So here's my redesign. Crew quarters are cramped, making them unpopular for long patrols.