A Crown for the Taking

(The conclusion to "The Warlord" campaign, again, names and themes are taken from Lois McMaster Bujold's excellent The Curse of Chalion novel)
The provincars have come to Cardegoss in response to Marshall dy Yarrin's summons. Antonio is seated at the table as the new provincar dy Santiago while the rest of the party watches from the audience balcony. At the meeting, provincar dy Ildar proposes that since his son is the nephew of the late king, he is clearly the next heir to throne. Dy Yarrin agrees that that makes sense, but adds there are some facts he does not know. The council chamber doors open and royesse Carmen enters, followed by the high priests of Tyr, the High Lord, Torre and Torm. Dy Yarrin introduces Carmen and the priests verify her identity, confirming that she is the heir to the throne. The provincars are stunned and dy Yarrin suggests that the meeting be adjourned so they can consider this new information. Also, Carmen has her first public appearance scheduled that day to let the people know she survived.
At the second meeting, it is proposed that they create a regency council to rule the Marches while Carmen is trained for her reign. They point put that she was the youngest of the three royal children and received the least preparation to be royina. Carmen retorts that she is well over the age to require a regency AND routinely outperformed her older siblings in their academic studies, which is how she proved herself to qualify for mage training. Her opponents point out that there is more to being a ruler than book learning. The debate is loud and the meeting ends without progress. Afterwards, a page brings Fenric a summons to attend the royesse. She asks him questions about his familiar, explaining that her parents thought it would be bad for her to have one, since it would bring attention to her hidden mage abilities. She asks him to provide her with a copy of the spell and to obtain the material components for her. He agrees and the next morning her page summons him to the royal stables. Carmen is waiting with her horse and Fenric's already saddled, but she has used Change Self again and is in her "Carlos" disguise. She asks him to accompany her outside the city, she wants to do the spell in the countryside, otherwise she's afraid she'll get a rat. They ride outside town and she performs the spell, getting a rabbit familiar.
Back in town, Antonio is approached by other provincars to support the regency vote. They point out that he would probably easily get a position on the council, which would benefit him financially, both personally and in his efforts to restore his war torn province. Jozan is also approached by pro-regency council members, suggesting that a position on the regency council for him would allow him to supply the young royesse with Tyr's wisdom and support.
Both dy Santiago brothers go to Carmen and explain that they will continue to support her efforts. Carmen is concerned because no one has brought up the issue of a royal marriage and her producing an heir. The royesse fears they will try to control and force her marriage while the regency council rules. She asks Antonio to bring up the question of whether or not the provincars accept her status as the rightful heir to the throne.
At the next meeting Antonio brings up the question and after very little debate, the provincars agree that she is the rightful heir. The pro-regency faction offers a compromise of a shorter regency period, but Carmen stonewalls them and the meeting again ends without apparent progress. But afterwards, Carmen summons the party and sends them off as messengers to the various high priests to deliver the message that the priests need to be at the royal cathedral tomorrow morning. She tells the party to be there in their finest attire.
When the party arrives, the provincars are there too, but a group of royal guards line the front of the pews. They recognize the new guards as some of dy Yarrin's hand picked men who accompanied them to Cardegoss. The main doors open and Carmen enters in her royal gowns, followed by the high priests. Three of the priests are carrying the sword of state, the crown and the royal scepter. When the provincars realize that Carmen means to have her coronation right now, they begin to protest. The royal guards slam the butts of their spears to the floor in a single echoing crash and the provincars are cowed by the implied threat. The high priests of Tyr, Torre and the High Lord carry out the coronation, bestowing upon Carmen the sword, sceptre and crown respectively. They proclaim her Royina Carmen dy Chalion and order all present to bow before her. The provincars are called forth to swear allegiance to the new queen, Antonio is the first summoned.
Afterwards, she hands out titles and rewards. Fenric and Cyrus are knighted and given estates. Antonio receives a vacant province as additional lands. Kiriana is also given a title and estate, but the royina understands her paladin duties will take her far from her new home, hopefully she will survive to retire. And for Jozan, he is named Royal Chaplain, to serve at court as her priestly adviser. (Konrad was actually speechless at this point.)